Celebrity High Rollers – A Look Into Their Casino Adventures

Celebrity High Rollers – A Look Into Their Casino Adventures

Celebrities often enjoy gambling at casinos. While celebrities might indulge in gaming such as live dealer online blackjack, they also understand the risks and rewards involved with gambling.

High rollers have long been known to wager millions at once, often spending an equivalent of an average person’s annual salary in just one night. These wealthy people typically enjoy living an extravagant lifestyle that includes private gambling rooms and limousine services.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is known to enjoy casino gaming – both golf and poker- related – including blackjack, live roulette and other forms of gambling. Additionally, he’s an enthusiastic participant of online gambling sites such as Bet365.

Tiger Woods is not only an accomplished poker player but he’s also an acclaimed celebrity high roller who has amassed millions through casino gaming. You may have seen him competing at high stakes poker tournaments or events such as Commerce Casino’s California State Poker Championships.

Former pro golfer and expert poker player Tony Jacklin is also an accomplished poker player, winning several six-figure prizes over time and participating in high-profile charity tournaments such as Ante Up for Africa 2009.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, best known for her role on Baywatch, loves gambling. She regularly attends live roulette tables and even participates in poker tournaments – her love of gambling has cemented her place among celebrity high rollers.

She once won a $250,000 jackpot in poker, though her luck hasn’t always been kind. Additionally, she enjoys gambling as it provides an enjoyable form of relaxation.

Born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada to Barry Anderson (a furnace repairman) and Carol (a waitress), she earned the two-time Playboy cover girl distinction over 22 years as a professional model and appeared on multiple television shows and movies as a featured performer. However, she has been outspoken against certain aspects of the #MeToo movement which have drawn considerable criticism.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly, best known for her roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Bullets Over Broadway and Liar Liar, is also an accomplished poker player. She has won multiple major tournaments – most notably, winning a 2005 WSOP gold bracelet in the Ladies No Limit Hold’em event against over 600 opponents!

Tilly first discovered her passion for poker thanks to her father introducing it at an early age. Over time, Tilly developed an intense devotion for it despite continuing her acting career at the same time.

Tilly and Phil Laak enjoy playing high-stakes poker together on a regular basis. Although the two often appear together on television, they also compete against one another at casino games like blackjack. Watch this clip of Tilly beating Phil at one such blackjack table in Los Angeles; she certainly knows how to put on a poker face!

Matt Damon

Hollywood A-Lister Matt Damon is a true gambling enthusiast, even appearing in one of Hollywood’s classic casino movies – Ocean’s Eleven. In this role he portrays Mike McDermott a Manhattan poker prodigy who uses high stakes games to try and pay off his debts.

Rounders is a 1998 film featuring Edward Norton and Matt Damon that explores the hidden world of high-stakes poker. Although initially not successful at box office sales, Rounders later became an acclaimed classic during the poker boom of 2000.

The film centers around two friends trying to win enough money at the World Series of Poker to pay off their debts. Damon took lessons from professional poker player Johnny Chan for this role, as well as watching him methodically defeat Phil Ivey – an allusion to Damon himself being an early high roller himself.


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