Six Rules For Making the Right Bets

Six Rules For Making the Right Bets

When making sports bets, there are many rules to remember. First, determine a reasonable amount you’re willing to bet each time. Decide how much you’re willing to lose and how much you can afford to bet. For example, if you think you can’t afford to lose more than a few hundred dollars, you can bet just half of that amount. Second, determine how much you’re willing to risk for each individual bet. Never risk more than four percent of your bankroll.

Third, consider the contributions you make to a team. If you’re betting on a team, look at their results. How much of their outputs do they generate? And what proportion of the overall output is theirs? If you can’t win, you’re better off betting on an underdog. The oddsmakers move the lines when certain teams are injured or have a corresponding loss. They need to earn more money to keep their lines at the current value.

Fourth, be realistic about your bankroll. Don’t commit more than you can afford to lose. While winning consistently will lead to bigger bets the next week, you don’t want to chase losses and end up in trouble. If you’re betting on the Super Bowl, you may not need to consider your bankroll. But for anyone who plans on betting on sports over the long haul, these considerations can pay off.

Last, be logical and savvy. Professional sports betters are fearless, disciplined, and shrewd. They know their team’s strengths and weaknesses and bet according to this knowledge. They know the oddsmakers and they respect them. If the odds are bad, they move the lines to compensate. A wise bet is one that doesn’t rely on your heart. Instead, they use their analytical skills and apply the proper analysis to make the best bets.


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