The Dark Side of Casino Gambling – Scandals and Controversies

The Dark Side of Casino Gambling – Scandals and Controversies

Gambling can be an enjoyable and satisfying activity when practiced responsibly; however, for some individuals gambling may become problematic and irresponsibly placed bets may lead to gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction can have devastating repercussions for families. Families may endure financial ruin, emotional strain and even legal complications as a result of gambling addiction.

Problem gambling and addiction

Problem gambling is an impulse control disorder with serious financial, psychological and social repercussions that has serious repercussions for an individual’s finances, psychological wellbeing and social life. Although not as prevalent as substance addiction, many individuals still struggle with it – it is estimated that approximately 2% of adult individuals meet diagnostic criteria for pathological gambling.

Gambling disorders can be difficult to spot and treat. People affected may attempt to conceal their behavior, engaging in theft or fraud to cover up losses, neglecting relationships and work duties while incurring debt as they try to satiate their cravings for gambling.

As with substance abuse, gambling addiction is a mental illness and should be addressed using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT helps patients address unhealthy gambling-related thoughts and beliefs to overcome urges or uncomfortable emotions without turning to gambling as a solution.

The Don Johnson Scandal

Don Johnson was feeling proud to land the role on Miami Vice, feeling as though life had finally come full circle for him. After making strides to improve himself both personally and professionally, Don seemed on track for success with life and work.

However, he quickly fell back into hard partying; admitting to an on/off relationship with alcohol and drugs.

Johnson decided he would try harder this time around to change. He met Patti D’Arbanville who helped him kick his drug habits for good and even father a child together; Johnson refers to this experience as his spiritual journey and claims it opened his eyes up as to what truly mattered in life. Since then, Johnson has married Kelley Phleger and had three more children, plus given up gambling (which he once was addicted to).

The Black Sox Scandal

The 1919 Black Sox scandal sent shockwaves through baseball and beyond. Eight members of Charles Comiskey’s Chicago White Sox were accused of receiving bribes to alter the outcome of a best-of-nine Series against Cincinnati Reds, ultimately losing in five games.

Due to its magnitude, it remains challenging to identify those responsible for orchestrating a fix in this scandal. Grand-jury testimony points the finger at first baseman Chick Gandil and Boston bookmaker Joseph “Sport” Sullivan as principal perpetrators; however, an intricate web of criminals including New York mobster Arnold Rothstein, Detroit Tigers player Bill Maharg, and boxer Abe Attell may have also played roles.

The Black Sox Scandal Collection contains records and correspondence regarding this case, such as letters to American League president Ban Johnson with tips about potential witnesses and information sources; Sullivan’s 1919 telegram reporting the results of an interview with Maharg; and pages from Sinton Hotel register where Gandil, Burns and other Sox players met before Game Five.

The Junket Operator Scandal

Junket operatorss serve as middlemen that provide transportation of high rollers from mainland China – where marketing or soliciting gambling is illegal – to gamble in Macau casinos. Junket operatorss offer credit to the high rollers before collecting on behalf of casinos any due debt incurred during gambling sessions; their revenues account for approximately 60% of total casino revenues in Macau.

Recent scandals and investigations have caused an impactful ripple through the junket industry, prompting some operators to close VIP rooms while others reduced credit lines for operating.

Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as Dan Mahowny, a meek bank employee who becomes addicted to gambling and incurs massive debts in this drama based on the true account of 21 blackjack team that used mathematical calculations to beat Atlantic City casinos at blackjack.

Edge-sorting scandal

Casinos are constantly looking for ways to separate gamblers from their money, using everything from free booze and technology in an attempt to stop people winning. But some players do find a way around this strategy: edge sorting allows them to detect subtle variations in card edges that give them an edge at the tables.

Phil Ivey used edge sorting to win millions at baccarat. After taking London casinos to court over it after winning $10 million with Cheng Yin Sun, however they refused to pay out and his efforts to force them did not bear fruit despite court orders forcing payment; most judges view edge sorting as cheating but Ivey does not share that opinion.


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