The World’s Most Unusual and Unique Casino-Themed Performances and Shows

The World’s Most Unusual and Unique Casino-Themed Performances and Shows

Casino nights provide an exciting event suitable for all ages and can become more memorable by including entertainment that complements the theme.

Blue Man Group blends music and humor to deliver an entertaining theatrical experience that is sure to enchant. Additionally, their show is known for utilizing innovative uses of percussion instruments and visual effects for an unforgettable performance.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil has long captivated audiences with their captivating productions. Shows like Mystere, KA, O, Michael Jackson One and Zumanity demonstrate this fact by transporting viewers into another dimension full of acrobatics, music and astounding visuals.

Cirque du Soleil offers one of the most memorable casino-themed shows with Mad Apple, an adults-only show at New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas that pays tribute to all things New York. A refreshing contrast from many of its other shows, Mad Apple reduces sexiness but amps up adult content.

Quidam, another show by the company, isn’t your traditional circus; rather it takes an introspective approach by looking into our daily lives populated with real people facing real concerns. As it’s their inaugural “X-rated” show and should not be recommended to children under 12, 46 world-class acrobats, musicians and characters perform this production that features no puppetry!

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group provides a welcome change from high-tech, sexy shows. Their nonverbal performance combines comedy, music, drumming, paint (lots of it!) and visual art into one unforgettable show that not only entertains but is truly one-of-a-kind.

This Off-Broadway original has won multiple awards including Obie and Drama Desk and boasts an award-winning cast with multiple, hilarious characters that appeal to audiences from around the globe. Additionally, its infectiously joyful style draws in an international following.

Blue Man Group remains incredibly popular despite its pandemic status, drawing audiences in from far and wide to enjoy an entertaining theatrical experience. Tickets may be purchased both online or at the box office; all prices shown include taxes and fees as well as accessible seating availability for all performances.


Opium, an adult-only show created by Spiegelworld (the company behind Absinthe), promises an exhilarating show experience in Vegas. Be prepared to laugh along as their outrageous acts have you rolling with laughter!

Opium was widely used by ancient Greeks for pain relief and anesthesia, and is mentioned in numerous medical texts such as Ebers Papyrus, Dioscorides and Avicenna. Opium’s popularity among sexual pleasure seekers became particularly apparent when Li Shizhen included traditional medicinal uses in his Compendium of Materia Medica; but also noted its use by lay people for sexual pleasure purposes: “Lay people may use opium in sexual encounters.”

Opium is an absolute must-see show at the Cosmopolitan hotel and will delight audiences of all ages.

Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly

Mat Franco, season 9’s America’s Got Talent winner is back with a brand-new headlining show at the LINQ. His family-friendly magic show mixes traditional sleight of hand illusions with humor to keep audiences engaged throughout.

Franco is a unique performer in Las Vegas whose style of magic stands out from other shows. Instead of doing large “make a car disappear” tricks, he employs subtle card tricks with an unexpected twist and incorporates crowd-guided improv to give each audience a personalized experience.

One of the highlights of his show is when he teaches magic tricks to the audience as part of an educational component to make the show more fun and interactive for all ages. There is plenty of seating available, and bathrooms near the entrance. Unfortunately, cell reception can sometimes be spotty inside.


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