Unleash Your Creativity With Card Games That Inspire Storytelling

Unleash Your Creativity With Card Games That Inspire Storytelling

LUGU encourages open-ended storytelling and fosters critical thinking skills through STEM/STEAM card themes such as labs, habitats and space – perfect for both classroom and family play! The game can also help improve academic achievement.

Kickstart your creativity with this deck of 50 cards designed to encourage unexpected ways of thinking. Ideal for use among friends, in small groups and as an everyday creativity booster.


Dixit is an award-winning game of creative guesswork and encourages players to let their imagination drive the tale forward. Boasting 84 dreamlike illustrations on text-free cards, Dixit makes for an exhilarating game perfect for anyone with an adventurous streak.

At each turn, one player acts as storyteller by selecting a card from their hand and creating a clue based on its theme. Next, all other players select cards from their hands that correspond with this clue and narrator can win points if their audience correctly guesses their card.

This innovative party game is an effective way to boost creativity and encourage impromptu storytelling among friends and family. Playable in any language (including sign language), making it suitable for classrooms and group settings. However, as this game can become repetitive over time, switching out picture cards with various expansion packs could provide fresh scenes throughout play – creating new and engaging narratives!

More Than One Story

More Than One Story features a 320-card deck to encourage storytelling and foster relationships, using storytelling techniques like nested loops and in medias res to help participants get to know one another better.

Nested loops are narrative structures composed of multiple stories nested within each other and united by a central theme or message, often used to expand on or clarify the main point of a primary tale. Martin Luther King used such an in medias res structure during his famous “I Have a Dream” speech to contrast racism and intolerance with an inclusive world in the future where all individuals would be treated equally.

More Than One Story is an effective tool for social workers, teachers, religious leaders, and event coordinators looking to bridge fear and prejudice gaps among people who appear different from themselves. Playing this game fosters empathy, compassion and an appreciation for individual experiences while uniting friends as well as strangers alike.

Wing It

This imaginative storytelling game puts your creative mind against those of your friends as you create strategies to overcome impossible situations (for instance, an unpredictedly coordinated group of jelly fish rocks your boat until it tip precariously side to side). Each player receives five Object cards and may reread their Situation card once during each round.

Players silently imagine themselves in the Situation depicted on their Object cards and describe how three objects in their hands could help resolve it. Judges then listen and rate how creative, unique or absurd each story was.

Wing It! is an engaging storytelling activity perfect for classroom or group activities. Designed with diverse people and experiences in mind, the narrative game was made popular on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s social feed as an inclusive means to foster meaningful interactions among players. This space/travel/apocalypse expansion adds 42 additional humorous situation and resource cards into its original version for even greater fun!


Storymatic is an effective way to kick-start creativity. This non-competitive storytelling game utilizes an open-ended set of prompts and suggestions designed to inspire characters, places, situations and complications for story creation. Storymatic makes an engaging educational gift idea for students, writers, teachers, songwriters, aspiring novelists or anyone interested in storytelling!

The basic idea is simple: take two gold cards and combine them to create a character – for instance, “pirate” and “person who must look after an egg”. From there, your story unfolds however you choose; there’s no right or wrong answer when telling it!

Storymatic Kids offers more prompts and suggestions than its classic version, and comes equipped with specially shaped cards designed to be easier for younger hands to hold. It is a fun non-competitive card game designed for writing, imagining, laughing and sharing–whether alone or with others at home or school; making it an excellent icebreaker during parties, dinners or group activities!


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